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The States We Are Currently Licensed In Are: New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, New Hampshire, Maryland, North Carolina, South Carolina, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Florida, Maine, Massachusetts, Wisconsin, Georgia, Ohio, Virginia, Indiana, & Washington, D.C

CAPRI sign

Acrylic Letters & Logos

InteriorTech has Acrylic Letters available in an assortment of styles, colors, shapes and sizes. These letters are ideal for both interior and exterior signage for businesses in a wide range of industries, and they can even be used when designing corporate logos. Keep in mind, customers can choose to have the letters flush mounted or projected from their wall.


ADA Signs

In order for a public building to pass inspection, they must have functional ADA Signs up to the latest standards. These signs must be a certain height from the ground, for example. ADA Signs ensure patrons with vision difficulties are able to identify rooms in a building, thanks to the raised letters and braille entailed in the signs.  The signs are available in an all colors, and we can make them in many shapes and sizes.


Architectural Signage

Few things are more important to a building than Architectural Signage. InteriorTech provides both interior and exterior signage for businesses in an array of fields, helping our clients enhance their corporate identity. The types of Architectural Signs that may interest your company includes desk signs, directories, informational signs, evacuation signs and many more.



Awnings and Canopies

Are you looking for a cool way to help separate your building from the competition? If yes, an awning could be perfect for you. InteriorTech has awnings available in an array of colors and styles.  They are available in canvas and vinyl, and they are made from weatherproof materials, ensuring you your customers will not get soaked in the rain or snow. We feature your graphics on the awning, and the awnings can be illuminated or non-illuminated. Awnings are also a great addition to porches at home, as they protect you from the elements when you’re trying to unlock your door.



Carved and Sandblasted Signs

Made from High Density (HDU), InteriorTech’s Carved and Sandblasted Sings are comprised of Urethane or PVC, and they have five coats of applied enamels.  Please note, the Gold Leaf Signs are made up of a 23K gold leaf. Regardless of the material you choose, they are both durable options that will not crack, chip or warp.



Cast Metal Letters and Plaques

Cast Metal Letters and Plaques can add a touch of professionalism to your office, and InteriorTech provides both bronze and aluminum options.  In addition, these letters and plaques add a distinct look and element to the outside of your building.



Cork Boards, Display Cases, and Pedestals

Cork boards are a popular staple in college campuses, hospitals, offices and other areas, as they are a great forum for people to keep up to date with news items, ideas and offers. Meanwhile, display cases and pedestal sings help businesses get a message across in an elegant fashion.


Corporate Interior, Corporate Exterior

Professional signage helps distinguish your company from competitors, and it helps solidify your brand in the minds of consumers. InteriorTech can help you enhance the look and feel of your building or workplace with corporate interior signage or corporate exterior signage, and help you draw new business or improve employee morale.


Cut Out Letters

Available in both metal and acrylic and in an array of shapes and sizes, Cut Out Letters are either flush mounted or projected from the wall. They add a distinct element to business signage, and can be used both indoors and outdoors.



Directory Signs

Directory sings are a vital aspect of many businesses and organizations, as they help guide customers or guests to the right locations. They are a popular sign inside of large office buildings; malls; apartment complexes; hospitals and pretty much any other location that can be difficult to meander through.  Our Directory Signs can be illuminated or non-illuminated, and they’re available in a litany of colors, sizes and styles. We make sure it reflects the current look of your building, and you can either have them freestanding, on the wall or mounted.



Etched and Engraved Signs

Show your professionalism and level of success with a custom etched or engraved sign, available in both plastic and metal. The sign could include your name, occupation and any other pertinent information. We also perform engraving services on badges, jewelry, nametags and silverware, and customers can choose from a myriad of sizes and styles.


Client: TURN 5, INC.

Illuminated Signs / Illuminated Architectural Signs

In order to avoid missing out on potential business at night, it’s essential to have illuminated signs that are visible to prospective customers at all times of the day. With vinyl lettering, digitized prints and stencil cut faces, our signs are designed to grab and keep attention. Customers can choose from an acrylic, stainless steel or aluminum application as the base.



Metal Letters

Metal Letters provide clients with a menu of options, since we cut them in an assortment of sizes and type styles. They can be cast, fabricated and even waterjet cut into brass, aluminum, bronze, copper, satin and polished finishes.  These letters add a distinct element to the identification of your building, and can be used for interior and exterior purposes, as well as corporate logos.


Logo/Sign Design

A company’s logo is vital to their brand, and designing an appealing one can help build trust with consumers. InteriorTech can handle any type of logo needs, from basic designs to more intricate ones. We even include avatars for websites such as Facebook or Twitter in the design, and update older logos that need to be modernized. Moreover, we can create an industry standard high-resolution vector version of your logo from image files, in the case that you don’t have a usable version on hand.


Screen Printing

Do you need something screen printed on acrylic, metal or cards? If yes, InteriorTech is the place to go! Screen printing is great for high volume, and very cost effective, making it a popular selection!



Vinyl, Window Lettering & High Format Digital Prints

Adorning the windows of your business or company vehicle with professional letters and graphics allows you to advertise special offers, or the services of your company. We offer customized window lettering and digital graphic services, ensuring we create images that reflect the look and feel of your business, and provide you with a cost effective advertising medium.


Sign Installation

If your business needs a sign installed or repaired, simply contact InteriorTech. Our expertise, experience and superior craftsmanship allows us to handle a wide range of jobs and make sure your business has the functional signage it needs to be successful.


Emergency Sign Repair

Should your sign malfunction or be in need of repair, remember we offer 24-hour emergency repair services to ensure your problem can be rectified as soon as possible.


Sign Survey

InteriorTech helps clients strategically place signage inside and outside of their building through a detailed sign survey. The information of this survey provides the answers of where would be the best places to install sings, regardless of whether it’s a new or existing building. In regards to new buildings, we may only need the plans, while we would want to do an initial site visit and walk through if it’s an existing one. In addition, we discuss with clients the presence of any existing signs, and figure out what the best plan of action is. This survey contains detailed notes and perhaps some photographs.


Sign Permitting

Keep in mind that exterior signage requires a sign permit, regardless of where your business is located in the United States. There are different local procedures for obtaining a permit, depending on where you live. Nevertheless, when you work with InteriorTech, you will not need to worry, as we handle it for you.

In some cases, we may need to provide townships with drawings, such as engineering, architectural and sealed drawings. We can also handle this service for you, as one of our many specialties is sign structure engineering.