Interior Signs

Corporate identity is a crucial component in attracting both current and potential clients and customers. Our corporate interior signs can be made from Acrylic, Metalike™ and Neo-Plex. We also offer Fabricated and Waterjet cut letters and logos that may either be mounted directly to your wall or mounted to a panel, either flush mounted or with a projected.  Once you meet with our in-house consulting team, you can choose which material will be best suited for your sign.

These panels can get installed to your wall with an included “Cleat Bar” or with Stand-offs.

It’s common for businesses to invest a good amount of money to have a sign customized with their name or logo, but the end product might not be the quality they paid for. When working with InteriorTech, you will receive a cost effective sign that is fabricated from the highest quality of materials. What’s more, you will work with our dedicated design team that caters to your specific needs.

Large and easy-to-read signs are important to help clients or customers find your business and direct to its correct location. We can customize your sign for the perfect fit, color and style. Basically, if your needs have anything to do with signage, InteriorTech is the right place for you to start. Call or email us to set up a consultation or to learn more about our business. InteriorTech is ready and able to provide high quality signage services for your business today.


A few of our clients:

Acrylic Signs

Fabricated Metals

Metal Laminated Acrylic & Metalike™