Save Money on Your Energy Bill with Awnings

Many people think awnings are meant for keeping people out of the hot sun or pouring rain, but did you know they’re also very good at helping you save money on your building’s energy bills?   According to The Professional Awning Manufacturers Association (PAMA), studies show that fabric awnings can save homeowners up to $200 […]

Professional Sign Repair In Philadelphia

Client: CORIELLE INSTITUTE: Camden, NJStyle: Brushed & Polished Aluminum Water Jet Cut Letters & Logo

  InteriorTech is an expert company when it comes to physically designing and making signs, as well as installing them. In addition, with 24-hour emergency service, you can rely on InteriorTech to get to your business and repair/replace a sign quickly and efficiently.   What happens if a storm damages or blows down your sign? […]

Why It’s Essential to Have a Nice Logo For Your Business

You judge others based on their appearance, even if you say you don’t. And you notice what kind of car they drive, or the house they live in. Meanwhile, when you go to the store, you look for certain brands, identified by their logos.   What separates amateurs from professionals is their overall look. And […]

Distinguish Your Business with Neo-Plex Signage

InteriorTech Sign Company offers Neo-Plex signage, which uses a plastic-coating on cutout letters, graphics, plaques and more. Neo-Plex gives signage a “wet look” to the letters, making them lively and bold-looking. Shiny and slick are two good adjectives to further describe the Neo-Plex signage “look.”   Thanks to modern-day advances in technology and manufacturing equipment, […]

What types of businesses or buildings should always have directory signage?

The first thing a person does when they enter an unfamiliar facility with various offices is to check the directory. This is one of the most important signs that can be placed in an office building or medical facility. Imagine walking into a new location to see your doctor, but you aren’t sure where to […]

Don’t Forget About Signage Inside Your Business and Building

Client: PENN CENTER HOUSE: Philadelphia, PAStyle: Brushed Aluminum Water Jet Cut Letters & Logo

Have you ever walked into a building and felt totally lost? Who hasn’t?   Interior corporate signage is crucial to letting visitors know where to go once they enter the building, and when they’ve arrived at your office. You can’t just hope that people will find you—you’ve got to direct them and then reassure them […]

Why Awnings Are Ideal for Homes and Businesses

For many Americans, the weather plays a major role in their everyday lives. Think about it—what do you do when it’s pouring rain outside? You run for cover. And when the sun is beating down on you and it’s so hot you could fry an egg on the sidewalk? You head for the nearest shady […]

How Illuminated Signs and Channel Letters Can Help Attract Attention To Your Business

Client: PULSE TECHNOLOGIES: Quakertown, PA Style: Channel Letters & Reverse Channel Letters

In Philadelphia, during the majority of the year, it tends to get dark in the early evening and the sun doesn’t rise ‘til 7:30am or so the next morning. This is true of many cities and towns in the USA.   If you’re a business and your sign is not illuminated in some way, yet […]

Why You Should Have an Expert Make ADA Signs For Your Business or Organization

  InteriorTech Sign Company of Philadelphia can make proper ADA signs for your business or organization.   The term ADA refers to the Americans with Disabilities Act, which requires architectural signs to comply with certain guidelines so all people can identify features of a facility’s permanent rooms or spaces. The ADA makes sure that people […]

Why Businesses Need Appealing Outdoor Signage

As the old adage goes, a first impression leaves a lasting impression.  This is especially true in regards to businesses, and their outdoor signage.  Outdoor signage will often either entice or deter customers from visiting your shop, or from developing a favorable opinion of your business.   Ultimately, signs that are tattered, have burned out light-bulbs […]